Marcus Xavier Chormicle

Crowder Submission


Las Cruces, New Mexico - US Airmen unload the casket of Spencer Meister who died in a motorcycle accident in May 2018.


Tempe, Arizona - A protester holds a sign at the Tempe City Council meeting following the shooting of 14-year-old Antonio Arce, by Tempe police officer Joseph Jaen in January.


Tempe, Arizona - Social media influencer, Elijah James, stands on top of his Cadillac Escalade in downtown Tempe. 


Tucson, Arizona - Ryan Ring on his motorcycle outside of his apartment in Tucson, Arizona two weeks before he graduated from the University of Arizona and commissioned as an officer into the US Marines. 


Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema takes media questions after the only AZ senate candidate debate at the Arizona PBS studio. 


El Paso, Texas - Franco, a young boy from Guatemala is embrace by his mother after being separated for 4 weeks in the summer of 2018 after crossing the US/Mexico border. 


Minneapolis, Minnesota - Robert and Rosa embrace as they wait for a tow truck after their car broke down on the 35W in Minneapolis. 


El Paso, Texas - Drivers prepare for their race at the South Texas Off Road Race on the East side of El Paso.