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Personal Practice

CAV Gallery Install-1.jpg
Beyond my fine art practice I find a lot of artistic fulfillment in applying my practice to branding through graphic design.

I have over eight years of professional design experience, and always seek to bring elements of my own visual language , rooted in my upbringing and culture, to apply to client's projects. This most often manifests itself through patterning. 

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It all begins with what wee see...

My design process is rooted in my visual culture, both personal and communal.
I often begin work rooted in iconography and symbolism. Much or my personal work stems from images from other fine art photography projects. I aim to simply the forms and meaning of the imagery to speak to the root of their symbolic meanings. 

Below I will illustrate this process through images of my uncle.
Icebox 9-1-1.jpg
Sacred Symbol Medallion 2022
Designed by Marcus Xavier Chormicle, bead work by Stevi Riley, Bkejwanong
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