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Marcus Xavier Chormicle is a lens-based artist from the Southwestern region of the USA. His work focuses on family, memory, and the intersection of class, race, and history in the Southwest. He received a Bachelors of Journalism and a Minor in Digital Marketing and Studio Art from the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, Phoenix. 


He recently returned home to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to work as an artist and focus on community engagement and education. In 2020 he founded the CAV Gallery (Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery) an art space in downtown Las Cruces. On Sep 3, 2021 he curated the inaugural group show, titled "Tú Eres Tú" which brought together a group of predominately Indigenous and Latinx artists around cyclical narratives within family units. The show fell on the one year anniversary of the death of Marcus' little cousin Cristian, after whom the gallery is named, as well as the two year anniversary of the murder of his uncle Punky. 


Marcus' work aims to hold space for his own family and assert their inherent value through art. This goal was furthered through the gallery by maintaining a physical space of reverence for them and others who choose to participate. 

Marcus also works with local art institutions as an organizer and digital marketing specialist such as the Fine Art Flea Market, the Picacho Arts District, The Hood New Mexico and the NMSU Art Museum.  


Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Instagram: @chormicle





BA - Journalism and Mass Communications August 2016 - May 2020

Minors - Studio Art, Digital Marketing

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication Arizona State University,  Phoenix, AZ


CAV Gallery


Founded by Marcus Xavier Chormicle November 2020


Curatorial Experience


“Tú Eres Tú”, CAV Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico - Sep 2021


Exhibition History

Solo Exhibitions 

Xico Inc, Phoenix, Arizona - January 2021 (Virtual) 


Group Exhibitions

“Tú Eres Tú”, CAV Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico - Sep 2021




OTIS College Summer Residency, Santa Monica, California - June 2020 (Canceled due to COVID-19)

Las Cruces Arts and Cultural District Artist Residency, Las Cruces, New Mexico - Feb. 2021




“Say Uncle”, Published by CAV Gallery - Sep 2021

F-Stop Magazine, Featured Portfolio - Dec 2020

Southwest Contemporary Magazine, “Bodies//Boundaries” issue - Spring 2021

Soft Qrtly, “Winter 2020” - Jan 2021

Distant Zine, Published by Tim Carpenter and Nathan Pearce - Jan 2021


Awards and Acknowledgements


Radius Scholarship for the Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb Photobook Workshop - March 2020

Kris Graves Projects Lost III - Shortlisted - January 2020

Charcoal Book Club Portfolio Review - Selected Attendee - March 2019

Charcoal Book Club Portfolio Review - Selected Attendee - March 2018

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