Limpieza de Sangre

"Despite the racial stereotypes and legally mandated isolation of racial groups, the actual lines became blurred. Many Mestizos acquired wealth and status and gained acceptance as creoles.

A legal procedure allowed people to establish 'purity of blood' ('Limpieza de Sangre') by paying a fee. Such a payment enabled to consider themselves and to be considered creole.

Similarly many Indian leaders, despite their mixed ancestry, continued in their positions."


-Philip L. Russell, The Essential History of Mexico


"Limpieza de Sangre" is a reflection of my personal experience, family and communal history. As the product of Mexican, Native (Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians)  and Settler blood and culture I have always felt frozen between place, time and people. My home, Las Cruces, New Mexico, is in many ways the same. This project aims to serve as a visual interrogation of post colonial sentiments and culture among my own family and my community at large.