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Prayer For My Triste

I built a fire for you, but I leaned too far into itʼs warmth and
it burnt me bad

I waited for you that night at the bus stop, hoping you were there

I heard you crying somewhere in the desert

I looked for you in the morning, after a night without sleep

I dreamt of your grandmother walking barefoot, carrying us South

I touched my flesh and could almost feel your scars

I prayed for wisdom each night, until I felt your presence in my room

I pressed my palm against the thorns until your blood poured onto the dirt

Tú Eres Tú - Marcus Xavier Chormicle

A film by Ryan M. Robson

Tú Eres Tú is a film documenting the opening of the CAV Gallery (Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery) in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the development of the art piece "Ocotillo Ancestor" by artist and gallery founder Marcus Xavier Chormicle.

Tú Eres Tú, the grand opening exhibition of the Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery (CAV Gallery). Makes reference to the novel
“Alburquerque” by New Mexican author Rudolfo Anaya. The show carries themes from the novel around self definition of identity amidst a backdrop of cyclical generational narratives.

The opening of the show on Sep 3, 2021 is in itself an attempt to break a familial cycle for Marcus Xavier Chormicle. The Show falls on the one year anniversary of the death of his little cousin Cristian Anthony Vallejo, after whom the gallery is dedicated, and the two year anniversary of his uncle’s death. The act of celebration in the face of death and loss is meant to be a radical act of love for family and defiance against the systems that took them away and many others too early.

The group show featured works by artists from New Mexico as well international artists working in photography, sculpture, painting and video. The works will both celebrate positive cycles of identity formation passed down by family, such as resemblance, heritage, and tradition, as well critiquing negative aspects of these cycles, like the systematic violence in the region of “New Mexico”, abuse and addiction. Ultimately the show aims to create space for individuals to define themselves in relation to their own families, both by blood and choice, through the breaking and
claiming of cycles.

Directed by Ryan M. Robson

Colored by Kent Harkey

Original music by John Fassold

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