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Picacho Coffee Roasters is an impressive coffee shop and wholesale coffee roasters. They provide perfectly roasted beans to half of the cafes and restaurants in Las Cruces and El Paso, and distribute online and at regional Whole Foods grocery stores. 

When we began work on the design process they wanted something updated and fresh. I wanted to invoke the physical space of the coffee shop. We took the color palette from a mural behind the coffee bar at the shop by El Paso artist Ricardo Chavarria and found an unconventional way to incorporate the logo by wrapping it across the sides and back of the bag. Creating the most memorable coffee bag in Southern New Mexico.
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Design choices were made in response to the visual language of the borderlands that we have grown up in. We took inspiration from depictions of santos, hand painted signs on businesses, and both old forms of border fashion and current styles.

Photo: Marcus Xavier Chormicle & Ryan Robson
Design: Marcus Xavier Chormicle
Mural: Ricardo Chavarria
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